Earrings inspired by the Amazon myth about the shrewdness of turtles


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One day a deer met the turtle Yawati and offered to have a contest to determine who of the two was faster. Yawati said, “You will surely be the winner! Let me go to eat before the race, to get more energy”.
Yawati, who was not at all stupid, instead of eating he gathered his turtle companions and told them to be placed at a certain distance from each other along the course. He left them time to settle down and he went to the deer to start the race. Yawati began to move very slowly while the deer shot away.
After a certain distance, not seeing Yawati , he called to him “… I’m here” replied a turtle, which was later placed on the trail. The deer, thinking that Yawati was winning, began to run harder and after a while came to call Yawati. “Here I am” said another of the many turtles placed along the route. The deer ran harder and harder but on each call always answered a turtle that was ahead of him on the trail.
At the end the deer, exhausted, collapsed to the ground and surrendered.
By working together, the slow turtles had bettered the fast deer.

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The jewels of the collection MITI are inspired by mythical characters or events.


Materials: Sterling Silver and Semiprecious stones

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Dimensions 2.3 × 1.5 cm