Ahlouk jewelry are designed by me, Marta Cometti, and made by Tuareg silversmiths in the desert area of Northern Niger, in Africa. By using simple tools and traditional methods, we create jewels of high quality.
We only use clean 925 Solid Sterling Silver and natural gemstones. We keep the love in the art we make.

Ahlouk is not a made up word. In the language of the Kel tamasheq, the nomads of the Sahara desert have a very precise meaning for this word, and this is why it has been chosen, its meaning signifying to create.

We make our jewelry from the beginning: we buy 999 Silver, mix it to 925 Sterling and press it, melt it and shape it, engrave it to create each piece of jewelry we make. I personally select the stones… I love to spend days and days surrounded by mountains of stones and pass them one by one and choose the ones that seem more special. Each piece we create is our art and made with love.
We are now a team of seven silversmiths working together in a beautiful, natural workshop and we very much enjoy what we do and the beauty of creating each piece, we take pride in offering affordable jewellery without cutting any corners, handcrafted and made with love, each order is gift wrapped in a handcrafted jewellery bag.

In our workshop you can breathe friendly atmosphere: music, people chatting and tea accompany the working hours and lunchtime takes place around a sole big communal plate, as per usual. This way you create a close relationship, that goes further than the bare working relationship, as it becomes friendship. We are friends, with our own group identity, and we put our energy into our work for a good result. We fully commit, with passion, for our own survival and the survival of our families, for keeping the traditional knowledge, for the growth and the development of our creativity, for the pleasure of who will wear our creations.

Ahlouk jewelry combine two of my wishes: developing work opportunities in Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world, whilst simultaneously expanding my creativity. Craftsmen with whom I work come from families where the trade of silversmithing has been passed down through generations.
Our creations are divided into four collections:
– The collection GIRAMONDO (Globe Trotter) is inspired by ethnic art and their precise detail.
– The collection MITI (Myths) is inspired by mythical characters and events.
– The collection BRICIOLE (Crumbs of Wisdom) is inspired by proverbs or aphorisms.
– Jewelry from the collection DISEGNIDISOGNI (Drawings of Dreams) are born from fantasy and host unique pieces invented by a splash of creativity.

The products ahlouk apart from being distinguished by their original design, also become a way of learning about another way of life and culture of their population, their story and their outlook on the world.
Ahlouk is a Label that wants to promote the finest quality handcrafted work within the borders of human respect and dignity. Every piece of jewelry is unique as it is all handmade and not with the use of castings. So, each one of our jewels is unique! Even if the design is the same, the careful observer will see many differences in the details.

Ahlouk jewelry is alive, and contains modernism and traditionalism: Modernism in the design and Traditionalism in the technique and realization.
Our goal is to create original and special designs that stand out!

Each piece comes in a beautiful handmade cloth bag, ready for giving.
If the jewel is part of the collection “Miti”, it comes with a card that describes the myth that is inspired by. If it is part of the collection “Giramondo”, it comes with a card that explains the history of the object to which it’s inspired.
If it is part of the collection “Briciole”, it comes with a card that tells the proverb or aphorism is inspired by.

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