Marta Cometti

The brand’s creative mind is Marta Cometti, a sensitive and enterprising Swiss woman.

Trained as an anthropologist, passionate about photography, victim of wonderlust, writer by accident and jewelry designer by choice.

One day she decided to change profession to be free and become in charge of her own life and destiny escaping the stress and routine of working behind closed walls. At the same time she wanted to make a change to the way of life affecting the poorer people of the region in difficult situations. During her time in Niger she met a large amount of handcraft workers who have not had the possibility to use their skills due to the poor economy. It was an easy step to make: freeing her creativity, she decided to become a jewelry designer.

She now lives in Niger most part of the year, right in the middle of the desert, in a small mud house where she has installed her workshop for the silver handcraft and where she works in collaboration with young Tuareg artisans.

Ahlouk is born in a context of harmony between people who think together constructively and have a bond that goes beyond the work itself.