Flower of paradise

Asymmetrical earrings inspired by an armenian myth about the change of seasons



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At the request of his daughter (called Flower because of her beauty), a merchant went in search of the Flower of Paradise. When he finally found it, he picked it up and thus unleashed the wrath of his monstrous guardian: the White Dev. Threatened with death, the man made a deal and in exchange for his life promised his daughter to the horrible monster who would come to get her when the mountains behind the merchant’s house would turn white.

When the time came, the demon came to take the beloved daughter and flew away. Everything froze and died wherever the demon flew. He carried the girl to an inaccessible, gloomy place, covered with ice. Several months passed and, during an absence of White Dev, Flower managed to run away.

Taking the form of a giant dragon, the White Dev set out in her pursuit and saw her at the foothills of Mount Aragats. God, hearing the girl’s screams of terror, let her enter the heart of the mountain through a magic door. While the monster was roaming  all his anger outside the mountain, she met a young prince who was neither alive nor dead. She kissed him, thus awakening him from the spell with which every year the demon sent him down a dream of death. Prince Arin-Armanelin faced the demon and after a long battle defeated him and returned him to his gloomy abode. The prince married the girl and brought spring back to the world.

These events are repeated every year, thus explaining the change of seasons: it is winter on Earth while Arin-Armanelin sleeps and the White Dev holds Flower prisoner. And it is spring on Earth when the girl’s kiss awakens the Armenian hero.



The jewels of the collection MITI are inspired by mythical characters or events.


Materials: Sterling Silver, Precious or Semiprecious stone

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Dimensions 3.5 × 2 cm