Pendant inspired by a shamanic drum of Siberia


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The pendant is inspired by the most valuable asset for a Siberian shaman: the drum. The drum is a magical instrument that has the most important part in the kamlan’e (the shamanic session).  In fact it is with the drum that the shaman fulfills his main function of a therapist: he uses it to call his assistants and protective spirits, or to scare away evil spirits, or as a base for undertaking his ecstatic journeys in order to heal the sick. Often on the skin of the drums there are depicted images that represent and summarize the journey and the fabulous exploits of the shaman.

The legend says that the Siberian drum was originally composed of two faces of skin, then reduced to a single one by the supreme god in order to diminish the power of the first shaman, according to him, rather presumptuous.


The jewels of the collection GIRAMONDO are inspired by pieces of ethnic art or by details contained in them.


Materials: Sterling Silver and Leather

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Dimensions 4 × 3.5 cm