Perennial motion

Asymmetrical necklace inspired by an aphorism of Hong Zicheng (Chinese philosopher)

“When the universe is silent we listened with great pleasure to a bird that suddenly sings.
When the vegetation is dead, we feel the power of the vital impulse suddenly seeing a flower open up. What originates from the sky, therefore, never dies completely, the perennial motion can resume at every moment”


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The necklace is made by a long chain with a central curved rigid wire on which a gemstone is embedded. The stone is placed on the side so as to make the necklace asymmetrical. Hanging on the chain there is a large hammered pendant whose motif is endless (hence the idea linked to the perennial motion mentioned in the quote).
The pendant measures ø5.5 cm, the chain is approx. 80cm long

The jewels of the collection BRICIOLE are inspired by proverbs or aphorisms

Materials: Sterling Silver and Semiprecious Stones

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Dimensions 80 cm