Swivel pendant inspired by the Eastern myth of the koi carp


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The legend of the Koi carp has its roots in an ancient Chinese myth, whereby on an autumn day the Koi carp reached its destination: swimming upstream the Yellow River.

Having overcome with strength and courage thousands of dangers and difficulties, it found itself in front of its last obstacle: the Dragon’s Gate waterfall; managing to get across, it finally reached the spring.

The gods were so impressed by the Koi carp’s tenacity and determination that they turned it into a dragon, thus giving it immortality.

In the Far East, particularly in Japan, the carp is a symbol of destiny fulfilled and – due to its celebrated longevity – long life. It’s also a symbol of male strength, courage and determination to reach one’s goals because of its skill to swim powerfully against the current.

In popular culture it’s a symbol of love, friendship and prosperity. In the broader Buddhist tradition the carp is a symbol of courage: in the river of suffering man navigates against the current before reaching his ultimate freedom.


The jewels of the collection MITI are inspired by mythical characters or events.


This jewel is an exception because it was not made in our workshop in Niger, but the pendant has been shaped by a skilled craftsman of Kathmandu.


Materials: Sterling Silver

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Dimensions 4 × 1.5 cm