Earrings inspired by the Polynesian myth about wha the moon has spots


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At the beginning of the universe Killa, the moon, was a man who lived on earth. Killa, however, committed errors: at night he used to go and molest his sister. The sister didn’t know who it was who was annoying her in the darkness, and one day she decided to find out. She prepared a wito dye and when the opportunity presented itself she rubbed it on the face of the unknown person who was bothering her. Killa ran away and when he reached a river tried to wash his face, but in vain because the stain didn’t disappear. His face was stained black.
Killa, ashamed of himself, begged the birds Kiwa-pishku: “Help me! I don’t want to live here, I want to go higher. Take me with you”. Together they made two gigantic fans that the Kiwa-pishku then grabbed. Flying upwards with Killa sitting in the middle. They went up so high that he never came back down and turned into the moon.
This is why the moon doesn’t shine well: he has his face painted with wito. It’s not like Yaya Inti, the sun, that lights up around the world and gives life to everything.


The jewels of the collection MITI are inspired by mythical characters or events.


Materials: Sterling Silver and Semiprecious stone

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Dimensions 4 × 2.7 cm