Necklace inspired by an Australian Aboriginal myth about the birth of stars


It includes leather string with silver clasp

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Beyond the horizon, where nobody has ever been, lies a beautiful land. The inhabitants of that land are moons, big moons, bright, spherical. They lead a pleasant life in the green land washed by the waters, but sometimes the moons become restless and in the late of night feels the need to go much further exploring and walking in the sky.
Only one at a time goes on the journey. It’s a shame they don’t do this in company, because they don’t know that outside of the valley is a giant. He grabs the wandering moon, and with his silica knife he cuts off a slice every night until when, after many nights, nothing remains but a number of bright splinters. The giant cuts them carefully and throws them in the sky.
They are small creatures, moons shredded, which have turned into stars.
It will not be long before another silly moon will go for a walk and will not return back because she will be shredded also into stars by the giant.


The jewels of the collection MITI are inspired by mythical characters or events.


Pendant size is 6×4.5 cm, the leather lace with silver clasp measures 42.5 cm

Materials: Sterling Silver, Semiprecious stone and Leather