Corn cob pendant inspired by the cosmovision of the indians Mbya


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The Guaraní Mbya are an ethnic group that is located in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. In their cosmovision our souls – or spirits – are associated with cardinal points, deities, elements, colors, corn varieties and specific qualities that identify and guide people.

Born from 21rst December to 20th March

Cardinal point: East / Element: Fire / Divinity: Kuaray / Color: Yellow / Corn: Avachi Ju (yellow corn) / Quality: Sensitive warriors spirits who come to work and teach

Born from 21rst March to 20th June

Cardinal point: North / Element: Air / Divinity: Karahi / Color: White / Corn: Avachi Chí (white corn) / Quality: Wise spirits which come to heal the others

Born from 21rst June to 20th September

Cardinal point: West / Element: Water / Divinity: Tupa / Color: Red / Corn: Avachi Pitá (red corn) / Quality: Warriors spirits who come to learn and heal

Born from 21rst september to 20th December

Cardinal point: South / Element: Earth / Divinity: Jakaíra / Color: Black or Blue / Corn: Avachi Hun (black corn) or Avachi Ovy (blue corn) / Quality: Warriors spirits who come to work and heal

Born from 27th to 29th March

Maester Corn (red striated yellow) / Quality: Masters, spiritual guides


The pendants are available in four variants: silver (white), silver with oxidized surface (black), silver with brass surface (yellow), silver with copper surface (red).


The jewels of the collection MITI are inspired by mythical characters or events.


Materials: Sterling Silver / Brass / Copper

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Dimensions 3.5 × 2 cm