Pendant inspired by a Greek myth about eternal love


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One day the gods Zeus and Hermes went down to earth in the guise of two miserable travelers. They knocked on many doors, but nobody wanted to give them food and hospitality, until they came to a poor hut where an old couple lived, Philemon and Baucis. The two had lived together for so long and so tenderly that they became inseparable. Despite their age and their hunched backs, their eyes still glowed with love and mutual interest.

Despite their poverty, the two offered all their food and for this reason the gods revealed their identity and, as a sign of tanks, they said they would satisfy their desire to stay together forever, never to be separated even in death. That was how their hut suddenly turned into a temple, where the couple remained for years serving the gods.

Then, one day, when they were near to death, their feet grew roots and their arms reached the sky and so they continued to live like two closely twisted trees.


The jewels of the collection MITI are inspired by mythical characters or events.


Materials: Sterling Silver

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Dimensions 3 × 2.6 cm